Sunday, March 20, 2011

What I Love About Sunday

After last weeks complaint post, I decided I should share what I love most about my calling- the children.

I love love love the way they look at me. Either in awe and they just can't wait for me to see them so they can smile and wave and hope that I'll smile and wave back (which I always do). Or, they look at me like I'm Medusa and if they make eye contact with me they will surely turn to stone and be lost for-eev-ver! Either way, all of the little kids in our ward cannot seem to peel their eyes away and without so much as a blink watch every move I make. Whether they smile and wave when I catch them or hurry and turn away to save their life, I produce a smile bigger than I knew I was capable of every time.

And, I love their Primary answers. You think as an adult that Primary answers mean "go to church, say your prayers, read your scriptures." But it doesn't. It means:

when your giving a lesson on the birth of Christ and ask "Why is His birth so special and important?" a child answers "because Santa comes" or

when asking "who is your favorite prophet and why?" a child answers "President Eyring, because his spirit knows how to speak to my spirit."

(both, are actual answers from my Primary) 

I get the biggest laughs out of their answers, but always feel the spirit stronger from their answers than any answer I've ever heard in Sunday School.