Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can You Find Me?

You might have to look very close, but somewhere in the following picture 
is a 3 yr old little boy:

He was "hiding" from me. This is how I found him.
He is so smart, but times like this remind me just how little he still is.

On another note, I HATE myself for making threats! I told Kam he couldn't go to swimming unless he took a nap fully expecting that to be all it would take for him to fall into a deep long slumber dreaming of swimming with his ole pals Nemo and Dorie. Oh no, he's still awake in his room. Michael's going to be thrilled he doesn't have to take him and I'm sure Kam will forget all about swimming lessons once he's helping daddy. Me, I'm the one being punished because I know how much money is being washed away with Kam's sleepless afternoon. Blasted education anyway! Who says not following through with the consequence will ruin my child forever anyway?


things we love... said...

Oh Jos PLEASE can I borrow him. He is to die for!! I miss you a lot and a bunches!!!