Monday, November 21, 2011

A Thank You to the Parentals

I went to a wedding this weekend and at the head table (ya know where the bride and groom sit with their parents) were the bride and groom (duh) and all of their friends... no parents. Which, big deal who cares right? Except it made me realize how grateful I am that my parents, although divorced, can still be civil with each other. 

Civil enough for me and my siblings to experience the joy of still having all of our parents involved. My parents have sat together at weddings, went out to dinner together after graduations, missionary farewell's and homecomings, military homecomings, and sat in my living room together for my son's birthdays. I know they both were at my brother's house at the same time when their little girl was born and I even remember getting EVERYONE together for family pictures... What? don't go nuts, they did not get their pictures taken together, but it is so rare for all of my siblings to be in one spot at the same time that my parents were willing to share picture times. After pictures with my Mom and Step-dad we had pictures with my Dad and Step-mom... and believe it or not, that is the last time we've had family pictures with our parents (told you it was rare for the sibs to all get together).

So a BIG FAT THANK YOU to my Dad and Margo, Mom and Ivan for being adults and loving me and giving me and my siblings what children need most, their parents!


Nicole said...

I totally agree! Matt's parents are the same way. They will even spend Thanksgiving together so the kids are not attending 2 Thanksgivings.