Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Law of Attraction

Someone please explain to me why when my house looks like a three ring circus took place here for two weeks without a single janitor on staff EVERYONE comes to my house? 

That's when my visiting teachers want to come over, it's when people in the ward randomly stop by, it's when I need people from work to stop by and get things at my house, it's when family comes to visit, and its when Kammerran has play dates. 

But, when my house is SO clean with ALL of the beds made, bathrooms clean, fresh towels out and not one crumb on the floor or dish in the sink, no one comes over. There is never a single witness to see it really looks this way. Like right now, EVERYTHING is fantastic! But do you think anyone is on the agenda of stopping by? Nope.

So, come on over, please I beg you... but only if its today. If you read this post tomorrow or any day after the clowns & trapeze artists will have already stopped by and started the decent into chaos.

And, I know the law of attraction has nothing to do with this, but this phenomenon certainly should have a name of its own. What do you think it should be?