Monday, November 07, 2011

The REAL note for the day!

Yesterday, Michael and i were invited to dinner by another family in our ward.  This is important, because Michael and I RARELY think of the same people as our friends. You KNOW how this goes, I know you do.

Either the husbands gets along, but the wives sit there quietly and watch the kids while saying "so... how old is he again?" for the 5th time that evening. Or, one of the hubbies thinks the other is pompous while all along that hubby thinks the other one is barbaric. Anyone else been there?

As the invitation call ends my barbarian immediately asks "why do they want us to come to dinner?" and then starts trying to guess ALL of the possible modis operandi. I resolve they just want to be our friends... is that really such a far fetched idea?

Dinner went great! We all got along and could talk to each other! AND, the kids got along too! Now we'll just sit back and wait for our friend curse to kick in. The curse that says- if you befriend us, something bad will happen to you causing your eventual move away from us. (seriously, more than one set of friends has been laid off and moved to another state after calling us their friends, sorry Wade and Clarissa) -Beware.

This morning I also need to say I am SO grateful for a mindful Father in Heaven. Last night I said a very selfish little prayer asking for the snow to please skip over us somehow so my family could ALL be here for Kam's birthday party and guess what? NO SNOW! The storm went south of us meaning it didn't hit my mom's direction of travel or my brother's! And that NEVER happens-they live in Wyoming for crying out loud, it snows there in July! 

Thank you, Thank you!


jayna said...

That is so funmy. And true. And I can't believe your baby is FOUR! Glad you can have a snow-free birthday for him!

Clarissa Explains said...

Haha!! I love you! We always talk about y'all; our one couple friend that we both really liked. So rare. Oh man, if I could steal you out of Vernal I would. PS Just saw a recent pic of Kameron and it made me melt. That little boy is so precious.