Monday, November 07, 2011

Is the world spinning... or is it just me?

Wow, I cannot believe its been so long since my last post! My tiny little corner of the world sometimes seems to spin faster than I'm prepared to handle... and then 2 or 3 days go by without a post and I feel like I need to catch up, but I secretly HATE playing catch up. No one wants to read about an entire week at once, not even me... I NEVER go back and read these posts, but I can't go on in my head without it. So, quickly, here it is (you can stop reading here, and if you don't consider yourself warned!):

Oct 26th: Took a leap of faith and placed our first client in a proctor home... this is huge for me because our families have been saying they're ready for weeks. I'll admit, i've been afraid and nervous.

Oct. 27th: I realized I need to hire some people at work, there's too much of my life being spent there! And, the KamMan started pre-school! (this too could've been a post. But, so you realize the full weight of my spiraling world, Kam had to remind/ask me- the mom to take his picture! Hello! On the 1st day of school the lame mother I've turned out to be had to be asked by her 3-year-old to remember to take his picture!)

Oct. 30th: PRIMARY PROGRAM!! (need I say more?)

Oct. 31st: you may think I'm going to tell you about a great trunk-or-treat night with the KamMan dressed as the greatest little spiderman you've ever seen, wrong... Michael and I spent the evening in the ER with him getting stitches and my in-laws enjoyed the evening with spiderman and his bucket full of candy. (hmmm... definitely could've posted about that!)

Nov. 1: Work falls apart, apparently I'm an idiot and who knows why anyone would hire me... let alone put me in charge of an entire program that is way too far away from anyone else in the company.

Over the weekend, things have seemed to be moving again at a good ratio of events to time and I feel somewhat normal again.

Today is KamRan's birthday party... where does the time go? I will officially have 4 yr old tomorrow!