Tuesday, October 04, 2011

What a Great Idea!

i personally don't think there are many things Kammer gets from me. (i remember being so deeply grateful in the hospital that he got my blood type. something that will never be seen or noticed)

today, i realized he found one more trait of mine. a love of hot chocolate!

on the way home from running around town like we had only today to finish everything our life would ever entail he says "(gasp) i know mom, i have a great idea"

"what is your great idea?"

"hot chocolate milk!....with litt-le tin-y marshmallows"

yes! and yes! hot chocolate milk! so, we added another stop to our list of to do's and had hot chocolate milk with dinner, ever so tenderly made by the KamMan.

i hope this doesn't mean winter is coming... i still have some fall activities that need to be held outside- benefit yard sale anyone?! and trunk-or-treat?! pray for some sun!