Sunday, October 02, 2011

A Double Whamy

this weekend has been rough for our tiny space in the sun.
especially for my KamMan!

we chose not to renew our foster care license and this meant the 3 little kids in our home had to be moved. the day of, we sat them all down to tell them and Kam broke! his eyes filled so quickly and his lower lip instantly started to quiver, it was so heartbreaking.

on the same day he came running at me yelling "MOM, guess who's coming to see me!!!" with a bright beaming smile spread across his face

"who" I asked, of course already knowing my brother, Jared, and his family were coming to relieve me of some stress.

he starts the list "Tayler, Aubrey, Jade, Maycie...."

here is when I realize I'm a horrible parent. Maycie and Jade no longer live with my brother and his family, which means I have to sit Kamren down AGAIN! and explain why they're gone too!

i think he may be missing a few pieces of his over sized little heart now...


Alisha said...

Love you much Joslin!

Melanie said...

Aww, how rough! Poor lil guy! Let me know how I can help! The KamMan (tee hee) can come over for a play date and you can have a break if you need! Or you can come to chat too while they play. :) I'm sure my boys would love playing with him and you can tell him we aren't going anywhere any time soon. :)