Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Bishop Got it

What happened last night?

Allow me to translate:

"someone threw it up in the air and a and a fell on the floor and the other bishop got it and i bend over and i was goin to get it"

"i cried, it was other bishop"

Allow me to interpret:

"(Dustin) threw (the garter) up in the air (and no one caught it.) It fell on the floor ... and i ben(t) over and i was goin(g) to get it (when someone else picked it up). i cried (because i wanted it). it was the other bishop (who got it)."

Not sure how the bishop came into the mix of everything, but he is certain that is who took the garter. And yes, he did cry... good thing he'll have another chance next month at Caitlin's wedding.