Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Make Up Time

Oh, what a day! I lost my voice today... and before you laugh, snicker, or snarl just remember my voice will come back one day and when it does I have plenty to say to all you who commented on the welcomed break of my voice!

So at the end of this long tiresome day (seriously, I had to gasp for breath after only whispering 3 words) let me say all of the things I wanted to say today... but regretfully couldn't:

KAMREN! Get down from there!

Stop!! (I realized when you walk down the street and allow your child to walk in front of you, you should be sure your voice is in full force... just in case they are looking at their feet instead of the line of cars swiftly approaching as the sidewalk ends and the road begins!)

Get back here!

Go play in the other room (this one comes when I finally answer the phone after the same person calls 5 times and they can't hear my whisper, only Kamren singing about playing with a tractor)


Unlock this door! (as he's locked himself in the bathroom at the attorney's office we had to visit today and again singing because you just can't beat the acoustics in the bathroom! His soul full sounds could be heard from both attorney's offices, the secretary's desk and the waiting room- I admit, I looked around for the nearest exit and wondered what would happen if I just pretended he wasn't mine and left.