Tuesday, March 15, 2011

School is in Session

For the Young'n... well, I guess for me too. But, back to the child. He has started school, at home, and swimming lessons this month!

Unfortunately, I don't get to see him at swimming lessons because he goes on Tuesdays when I'm at school and on Thursday's when I have my hella crazy work day in the "big city" of Utah County. (does that even make sense? a county as a city? anyway...) I have begged and fluttered my eye lashes for the BatMan to take pictures/video. Only time will tell if it worked.

School, however, I do get to see. And, sad to report he has trouble holding a writing utensil and is definitely not comfortable with one. Not a crayon, marker, pen, pencil, paintbrush or whatever else you can dream of making your mark with. He asks for help, which translated from 3-yr-old means "do it for me"! And, my heart hurt forcing him to color... of all things. And, I realized I'm in for a long road of "help me"s if I'm going to home school this Young'n for any length of time... so, I guess we'll see how that's going to turn out too. I'm not ready to commit one way or the other. 

Maybe some grand private school will appear in the next two years and my only options won't be home or public school...  

(not that I have anything against public school! Seriously! But, I'm a social worker and have seen up close and personally what goes on at our high school, jr. high, middle school, and elementary schools and I fully expect what I see to get worse not better in the time it will take my little tyke to get there and I am NOT ready to send him diving head first into what's there. Call it paranoia if you must.)


jayna said...

NO such thing as paranoia when you're talking about your most prized possession! Do what you think is best ALWAYS! :)

RoseAnna said...

It's not really developmentally appropriate for him to use a writing tool right now. Focos on gross motor stuff and the fine motor stuff will come more easily with age. Really 4 and up is the time to really push that. You can do hand excercises to make it easier to hold on to the crayon if you want. Let me know if you want a list of some exercises :) Love you guys.

PS- You'd be a great home school mother/teacher :)