Monday, March 14, 2011

My Blu Ray or DVD player?

What do you call a Blu Ray player that doesn't play Blu Ray discs?

A DVD player!

Ha! DVD's it will play just fine. It also accesses Netflix without incident.

But, what is the point of having a Blu Ray player that's just a DVD player I ask you?!

So, after a nice hour of waiting on the phone and troubleshooting with a friendly SHARP customer service rep. this morning while needing to use the bathroom and relentlessly being placed on hold, it was determined we must send it back "for repairs". I hope that's code for they'll send me a new one in return!

Curse you Jared for dragging me kicking and screaming into the world of devices that simultaneously connect to the internet and TV. (he generously gifted us this fine piece of electronic equipment for Christmas and successfully sent our non TV watching family into a frenzy of Civil War documentaries and Diego the animal rescuing toddler).

Both the War Monger and Diego Enthusiast are complaining and wondering how life will go on without the said home entertainment device. But again I ask, what is the point of having a blu ray player that doesn't play blu ray discs?

Calm your fears sweet gentlemen the device will be returned in 4-6 weeks!


jayna said...

I don't even know what a blu-ray is, but sorry yours is broken! :)

Adri and Cory said...

Ha! That is too funny!!! Thanks for the laugh!

Jensen said...

LOL, Love it!

Jensen said...

LOL! Too Funny :)