Monday, February 07, 2011

In the Name of Love

Allow me to introduce the offender:

The Evidence:

The scene: 19:00 hours Kamren realizes he does not have said evidence in his possession... after a thorough search of the home it is still missing. Kamren proclaims the following excited utterance: "At yours big school Mom"

(Michael voted to just leave it there... in the name of love or being an only child I ventured out to retrieve it.

As I stepped outside I become disoriented- this isn't my back yard. The fog is so dense I can hardly see the trees marking where our yard ends and the vast jungle of weeds begin. I notice there is whimsical fluttering white stuff between me and the jungle-can it really be snowing!?!

Introduce the Hero:

With at least 1 inch of undisturbed snow on the ground I made it to and from the college as if I were driving on a freshly paved road. Meanwhile, the cars around me were gracefully gliding through stop signs, fish tailing around turns, and perfecting a statuesque pose while their tires viciously spun as lights turned green.

It's times like these I feel blessed for driving my 17 mpg road hog!