Saturday, January 22, 2011


I bought a new purse! 
Big deal right?- For me it is...  some women might utter this phrase every week, or more. This phrase may slip from some woman's lips so often they don't even realize what's spilling out. Some women have enough purses they can color coordinate their handbag to their wardrobe. Some women are so concerned about their purse matching their wardrobe they purchase different covers for their purse so they have a variety to match to. Some women may even match their clothes to the trendy new purse they have for the day. Some women have enough purses they use different types of purses for different occasions AND they match what they're wearing.

I am not some women. I don't even know what type of purse goes with what occasion.

The last purse I bought was when Kamren was born and I realized I wanted a purse that fit just the essentials. I was tired of carrying a diaper bag and a small purse everywhere I went. I wanted something that met the requirements of both a purse and a diaper bag. 

So I went from a very small petite handbag. Something you might see a child carrying around for her baby doll. And, one very massive diaper bag that could have carried the baby and all of his baby thingys at the same time comfortably. To a moderate size, no nonsense handbag with a center zippered pocket for a diaper and wipes, pockets for all of the "necessities" like a nail file, extra key chains (you never know when the one you have is going to need to be replaced?), two checkbooks, a wallet with every business card I've ever been given, (you know the essentials).

Well, here we are 3 years later and I am sad to report the handbag has not weathered well. I'm not joking people! I have used this same purse everyday for 3 years. T.H.R.E.E. No wonder it has not weathered well. But, it has served admirably. This bag has carried bibs, bottles, lotion, Tylenol, tums, coupons, a day planner (yep, I said it, until very recently I still used an old fashioned Franklin Covey that actually required the use of a pen (gasp) ), snacks, water, and a change of clothes for Kam amongst many other things.

A new purse was not on list of priorities for our new budget. Pre stay at home mom, a new purse would have been no big deal. Now, I feel guilty for having purchased it. But, I HAD to. The liner of the pockets were coming out AND the stitching was fraying. Totally justified, right?

Here it is:
My new handbag.

As I was transferring "the goods" from the old to the new, I realized my purse has graduated. No longer do I carry a pair of little boy underwear in my purse, no bibs, no snacks, no juice. No day timer (because my schedule is so simple these days a preschooler could be my personal assistant... oh wait, he is! It is still plain and simple, a no nonsense kind of purse. Because if I had one like this:
You would easily be able to remember I carry the same handbag everyday!


RoseAnna said...

Cute new bag...I'm due for a new one too. I do like that flowered one...