Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I'm Alive!

I'm Alive!

I've probably lost the 2 blog followers I had prior to my 4 1/2 month hiatus but I'm alive and that's the good news.

Please, allow me to explain... I'm getting my Master's Degree... enough said?

This last 4 1/2 months I have been:
  • Working full time
  • Going to school
  • Doing my second year practicum
  • Attempting to start a non-profit organization
  • VP of the Friends' of the Children's Justice Center Board
  • Primary President
  • Mom
  • Wife
(these are NOT listed by priority)

And, what I realized is there aren't enough hours in the day for all of this!

So, I quit the Friends' Board and quit my full time job!

I'd forgotten what it felt like to breath and I now remember I LOVE to breath
(my bank account won't have much breathing room, but it's worth it and I should have done it sooner.)

Long story short, I have time to blog again. So, please think of me as your childhood blankie who has come back to visit (periodically through blog posts) because I'm jumping back on the wagon.


Aaron and Elizabeth Jensen said...

Who are you again?


Nicole said...

Glad to hear that you can breath again. Primary President? When did that happen? Good luck with your practicum. Miss you!

jayna said...

YOu crazy over-achieving high-monitor!! So glad you're breathing again! I adore you.

scuz said...

welcome back! its nice to have all this new breathing room AND a break from school! woo hoo. i'm really happy for you.

RoseAnna said...

Welcome back. We have been checking your blog often and now will check it even more.