Monday, December 20, 2010

Does the World Really Revolve Around Money?

Short answer... yes!

I think it does!

All day today I've been running errands, with Kamren (who is 3 in case you're not keeping track) who has discovered the best way to get the most information as fast as possible is to ALWAYS ask why:

Kam: "where are we going?"

Me: "to my school"

Kam: "why?"

Me: "so I can learn and get smarter"

Kam: "why?"

Me: "because then people pay you more money to work for them when you're smarter"

Kam: "why?"

You get the picture... "why are we going to pick up your paycheck" "why are we going to the bank" "why are we going to school"

The sad thing is, I realized after 10 "whys" to one question, I always wound up back at money, MONEY! I even found myself saying "because we like money, no wait... I don't know!"