Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Out of the Ordinary Day

Wow, the snow is coming down like crazy!

I took this picture this morning from my back porch. Notice that the snow is almost up to belly of the poor wet cold deer! Since then about 4 more inches of snow has dropped and its still covering us with blanket after blanket of white powder!

These 3 deer slowly crept closer and closer to our house. I suspected they wanted under the carport to shelter themselves from the daunting amount of snow we've gotten. But, they got to the carport and kept coming closer! I could see them casing the porch area but with every step Kamren and I made inside the house they would STOP, look around, stay ever so still for what seemed like hours, and then would creep just slightly closer.

Kamren and I went to get dressed, brush our teeth, etc. and when we came back into the dinning room I could barely see a set of ears just high enough above our deck I could tell they had found shelter under it.

Kamren and I quietly tip-toed downstairs, for as much as a 3-year-old can do that, to peek through the window they had hunkered next to. The two youngest were standing up, almost as if keeping watch. The third had bed down, obviously tired and haggered. She was obviously the oldest of the three.

Kamren begged and pleaded to watch them every second, but I wanted to allow them time to rest. After a couple of hours I decided I needed to attempt shoveling a walkway to our front door. I very slowly turned the knob of the backdoor, but as soon as the door opened two of the deer sprang out from under the porch and across the snow covered back yard.

I walked to the shed to retrieve the shovel and noticed the third still bedded down under the deck, still obviously tired. When I went back inside I watched as the two younger female deer crept closer to the old doe. But, they turned and quickly bounced away through the deepening snow out of view. I was a little disappointed to see they had left the matriarch of their group but told myself she would find them after she had rested.

Another couple of hours had passed and as I went out to see if Haggered was still there I immediately understood why the younger deer had left. She was NOT well. By this time she laying down fully, as if already dead. I could see her breathing and the closer I got I could tell she was struggling to get up, but could not even lift her head.

I called animal control, who informed me they don't deal with wildlife and to call Wildlife Services, which I did. I wanted them to put her out of her misery...

How do I know she was miserable, I don't. As a matter of fact, as I watched her, she was so quiet, so still, so at peace.

Wildlife Services didn't make it until after she was already dead, but as I waited for them I was full of wonder at the animal that lay before me. Even while dying she had magnifyed her purpose. She was so beautiful, even in all her haggeredness. She was peaceful and caused so much wonder for myself and Kamren. He is still asking about her every time he looks out the window, and asking to see her again. Now, I've just got to figure out what to tell him (Wildlife Services came during his nap! What fantastic timing!).


Aaron and Elizabeth Jensen said...

This is not the Joslin I know. The Joslin I know would say something more like, "EW! Get this diseased deer out of my backyard!"


scuz said...

you were so up close and personal! how cool!

-Rachel said...

Poor dear! Our Family Home Evening lesson was about the 2nd coming, and the kids were so excited when we talked about how the lion would lay down with the lamb, and animals wouldn't be scared of us. This sweet story kind of reminds me of what that will be like, it's like the perfect end to our family home evening lesson!
Hope you guys have a Happy New Year!

things we love... said...

That is so crazy!!! I can't not believe that!! I might have died...... no pun intended!!! Hope you guys had a great holiday!!!

jayna said...

thanks for sharing that.

Patrick said...

deep thoughts joslin