Monday, November 09, 2009

Where did Yesterday go?

Bitter Sweet was this weekend.

Kamren turned 2 yesterday!

To me, this seems like yesterday:

Where O Where Did Yesterday Go?

Happy Birthday Little Man


jayna said...

that seems like yesterday to me too! happy birthday to your cute little red head!!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Kam! I love the cake, you did a great job. I hope he had a great birthday.

Aaron and Elizabeth Jensen said...

Happy Birthday baby boy! Wow, you're right, he's getting big fast. 2 years, that blows me away.

RoseAnna said...

Happy Birthday little Kamren!! Jos-that cake is soooo cute. Did you make that? I can't believe that Kam is already 2. Time really does fly.

cottam_family said...

Happy Birthday little man! Wow he was a cute little chubba! I always wished at least one of mine would have had a few fat rolls but it never happened! Can't wait for this weekend! C u soon!

The Bunnell's said...

Happy Birthday Kam! He is soo adorable, it is sad how fast it goes by. You did a great job on the cake!