Monday, October 26, 2009

Things Learned at 1:00 a.m.

There are some things I never thought I'd learn first hand:

1. Bread that has been regurgitated 7 hours later still looks like bread,

2. Kamren only throws up when he feels safe and secure in someone's arms. (Michael and I both learned this one!), and

3. I can shower in half the time I normally do at 1:30 am.

Things I'm grateful for at 2:00 am:

1. A husband who is awake helping with a sick child,

2. Men in my life who are worthy priesthood holders and willing to wake up to come give my child a blessing at 2:00 am (Thank you Joe, we love you!), and

3. A warm house, because after two sets of pajamas we gave up redressing him.

Things I NEVER thought I would be thankful for:

1. Catching ALL of the throw-up in my hair and down my shirt. Because that means I didn't have to clean carpets or change bedding at 1:00 am!


Aaron and Elizabeth Jensen said...

haha! priceless.


Nicole said...

Oh poor Kam, I hope he gets feeling better. It seems to be going around, yuck.

jayna said...

so not fun- we've been dealing with this at our house too! good luck- hopefully he's feeling better!

The Bunnell's said...

Poor little guy, i hope that he feels better. Although is was a sad night, I love the post-cute!

RoseAnna said...

Poor Kamren. We had the crud last week and it was yucky. It is seriously going around. Almost everyone in our primary has been sick. I'm hoping he is feeling better. Sick kids = no fun!

cottam_family said...

Yuck! Poor little guy! Those are all things I would be greatful for too. If you really wanna do pictures I would really love to do them for you and would totally meet you in E.C.! I am going to be home on the 7th if that works for you if not we can totally work something else out. We can even meet in Spanish fork. I don't know if that is farther for you or not but let me know what you want to do!!!

Ivy Lou said...

I have to laugh about not minding if the puke gets on you because that means you don't have to clean it off of something else! That's exactly what I was trying to do this morning! Take care!