Friday, August 08, 2008

For the record...

Kamren now has teeth! Two of them actually! Both on the bottom, and No, there are no pictures of this because I'd like to keep my sanity. (He does not allow access to his mouth, even to see the teeth, let alone take a picture and his screaming makes me want to pull my hair out!)

My Mother-in-law is the one that pointed out Kamren had teeth when I was picking him up from her house after work. This is how the conversation went:

Mil: You didn't tell me Kamren had a tooth!

Me: I didn't know Kamren had a tooth....

Mil: I was feeding him yogurt and I heard CLANK on the spoon. So, I looked in there and he has a tooth!

Me: Which one, I want to see it.

Mil: The bottom one right there

Me: (Silence....as we're flipping Kamren around and upside down and teasing him with food to get him to open his mouth) (...more silence...) I don't see it...

Mil: Feel it!

Me: (Shoving my finger in Kamren's mouth, him screaming and wailing) I can't feel it.

Sil (who's 12, standing from three feet away): Oh, I see it, it's right there!

Me: Oh, yep, there it is (obviously I still didn't see it! But, if the 12 year old can from three feet away so can I!)

So, I get home and tell Michael:

Me: Kamren has a tooth!

Michael: He does!? Where?

Me: Right there can't you see it!?! (In a duh kind of tone, of course)

Michael: I can't see it.

Me: Well it's there, you just have to look harder.

I think Michael actually ended up seeing the tooth before I did, but it's definitely up now for all to see! The other one is still playing peek-a-boo though and I'm not getting any sleep because of it.

And, Kamren is crawling as well. I found this out after I was loading everything (literally, the whole house, all of Kamren's toys, the jumperoo and the extra car seat) in the car that very morning to take to the in-laws for when they watched Kamren. I had sit him in the middle of the kitchen floor and while I was outside I heard him start crying. I immediately knew he had fallen down the stairs, which were a good 10 feet from where he was sitting.

I get like a mom of the year award or something for this right?...right?


Dustin and Katie said...

Ha ha! That is too funny! Go Mom!!! lol. Yeah, you should call me or come and see me when your in town! That way, we could stay in touch... in case you have forgotten my number it is 435-749-2539. CALL ME!!!

jayna said...

This post made me laugh out loud TWICE!

Matt and Nicole said...

Teeth are so fun to get! Just wait until he gets more. That is so cool that he crawling.

Dustin and Katie said...

Our plan is... we dont have a plan... we would like to get out of the city, but we dont know how to do that because we have to have jobs... it is DANG hard to go to school and have a family.. and I don't have any kids...if you don't go full time you'll probably be alright.. I was going full time and full time work... bad choice. Oh and no MBA from UVU because they dont have such a thing yet.. probably not for 3 years or more... that is like the 3rd Masters program they are going to get there.

cottam_family said...

Hey Jos...
It's Adri and Cory...I love your tooth story. I think sometimes you don't really realize they are in that stage already, at least that was it for me. I am putting a link for you on my blog, feel free to do the same.