Tuesday, August 26, 2008

D Day...

Here I find myself... sitting in class... BORED!!

I don't think I'm down with the whole distance ed. thing. Maybe I'm just not used to it, I don't know. But today is the day I've had anxiety over and of course, I've over analyzed everything so far. But, I also think I'm going to completely going to procrastinate because I'm not "in class".

Also, I'm going to be in a documentary. Yes, Yes, I know.... (well I really don't know what you're thinking right now but....) It was interesting. The topic is Women and Body Image and it should be released in about 9 months. I went to the set, which was just a house the director had rented for the month. Had my hair and make-up done for me (which was awful!) I'm so used to wearing the bare minerals make-up that my face felt like it was crawling the whole time! I'm not used to liquid foundation. To some up the interview, it was really hot! (they couldn't have the air conditioner on for sound reasons and the lights made it extra hot), I was nervous and I'm sure sounded like an idiot and I cried. I some how got on the topic of birth control and then being told we couldn't have kids and one thing led to another and I cried. And, I'm sure that part will be in the documentary because HELLO its raw emotion!


Matt and Nicole said...

That is so cool that you will be in a documentary. I hope that grad school goes well, I am glad that it is you that has to sit in classes. I am not ready to go back yet! Good Luck! I hope that cute baby boy is doing well. What did you decide to do with work?

jayna said...

Way to go my little professor! Who the heck is doing the documentary?! I'm sorry you cried. And even more sorry for the make-up. I love bare minerals, the lazy girl's make-up of choice...clearly my own!