Friday, August 08, 2008

Who is that baby?

The results are in... Kamren and the mystery baby look similar! (Although, looking like twins was only one vote behind and that's close enough verification for me!)

So, to reveal the mystery identity... (drum roll, please)... This is Michael's cousin!

Yes, I know you're asking yourself how that's possible, but Michael has an aunt who is my age (I know, I know) and this is her baby. She and Kamren were born on the same day, but she is two hours older if I remember correctly. These pictures were taken the first time I seen this baby in real life and was amazed at how much they look alike. The more interesting thing is Michael's aunt has red hair! Maybe they got the order mixed up in Heaven, lol! Just kidding we love our little red head, even if we can't figure out how the red hair happened.


jayna said...

What's crazy is that I thought Kamren looked like YOU, but he does look like his Dad's cousin as well. Genes!