Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Law of Irony

Similar to the Law of Gravity which states what goes up must come down, the Law of Irony states that when you wear a white shirt you will spill something red on it, you all know what I'm talking about. Which sucks while you're wearing it, but thank heaven for bleach.

I really hate this law though because, for me, it means something I consider much worse. I had court today which means that I wore court attire. You know, dress pants, collared button-up shirt, dress shoes, etc. These clothes DO NOT go well with children! I have a nice mustard color stain on my nice shirt now because of my sweet little baby and will just let you guess what its from. This is not the first time I've had such a stain, but I just want to know why it can't be when I'm home being lazy in my sweats or t-shirt or anything but my limited wardrobe of dress clothes?!


jayna said...

Classic...again. But I love that you have dress clothes, even in limited quantities! :)