Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Family Pictures! Finally....

So what if Kamren is already six months old and these are the first pictures we've had taken of him? I intend to never become senile or inherit Alzheimer's from my family genes so that I will remember EVERY day in my mind up until this day of pictures.

Well, okay so that's not going to happen I can't even remember what he looked like when we brought him home from the hospital!

My younger sister is on leave from the military, she is serving in Afghanistan right now, so while she is here we had family pictures taken for the first time in 5 years. Hard to believe time flies so fast. Here are a couple of the shots they look great! Brandi did a great job! I recommend her to anyone. Her studio is in Greenriver, WY but she is willing to meet on location. So you Vernal residents out there really should look her up. She's great and affordable and anyone in Vernal knows those are two words that DO NOT go together when talking about photographers in our area!
(I know you can't see very much detail, or any detail at all, but the pictures are copyrighted so this is the best I could do)


jayna said...

Oh man- I wish they were bigger pics but they look really adorable!