Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Family Reunion!!

(I thought I lost this post, but obvisouly I've learned more about blogger than I knew yesterday. Enjoy!)

An event like this is not uncommon for the Batty family. Each and every summer I believe there are a minimum of 4, no exaggerating, and each is prefaced with "this is the only time we will all be together, everyone must be there" But, alas, the next month comes and so does the family gathering.

But, in the Jensen family... no reunions! We don't have them! We don't have gatherings or anything of the sort. Which is exactly why these pictures are more than words can say....

Kim, Delilah's Daughter Daniel, Joseph and Tayler

Margo holding Sariah and Kamren. The back of Aaron and Elizabeth.

My Dad (Darrol) and Jared with Tayler and Daniel sneaking food

Tayler and Daniel Mary and Joeseph

The cutest guys there, Kamren, of course and his dad telling me to put down the camera and get in the pool. Look at that sexiest farmer's tan! (and it will only get worse, I mean it's only May. He has four more months before it starts to look extra sweltering sexy!)

(Sorry about the poor photo quality, the way smart pool owners put this horrible dome thing over the pool to keep all the heat in along with the fumes of chlorine. So the lighting is horrible, you can swim in your own sweat, can't hear a thing and your eyes burn as soon as you step in the dome. Whoever thought of the dome idea is pure genius!)