Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm a Blogger Slacker

So it's been so long since I've posted. So, let me explain.

I've been out of town 3 times in the 2 weeks! That may not sound like much, but each time I went to the Salt Lake area (which is 3 hours from here). And, this is how it went... gone on the Friday the 11th (out and back in the same day, for work), gone on the 12th (out and back on the same day, for play), left again Monday the 14th until Wednesday the 16th (again for work) and then out on Friday the 18th and back on the 19th (for play). I almost had to go again on Tuesday the 22nd, but that meeting was canceled, thank heaven! And, maybe I should learn how to count, because now having recapped every trip, it's 4 times in 1 week!

So, because I've been traveling so much I obviously have some stories I'd like to recap.

#1- Normally when I travel I take Kamren with me, unless I'm transporting a youth. On the 11th I was bringing a youth back from Salt Lake DT to our DT so Kamren did not come with. Instead he went to the babysitter as normal and Michael picked him up. I came home around 10:00 pm to find Kamren and Michael both in bed asleep. I bent over to give Kamren a kiss and he smelled like baby food... hmmm.... and shampoo.... (I should pause here and tell you that I wanted to exclusively breastfeed Kamren until he is 6 months old in May) I thought to myself "I should ask Michael about this, no, I must be imagining things, we're not feeding Kamren food yet."

I put my pj's on and climbed in bed Michael said something I can't recall, but he was awake. And this is the conversation that ensued...
Michael: "I fed Kamren rice cereal"
Me: "What!?! I thought I could smell baby food"
Michael, in a shocked, caught in act tone of voice: "What? I gave him a bath!"
Me: "I know I can smell the shampoo too"
Michael: "Well... he really liked it!"
Me: "What?"
Michael: "You should have seen the look on his face while I was eating. I felt so bad. I had to give him something to eat so I fed him some cereal and he really like it."

So, yes my husband caved into the wanting eyes of a 5 month old! I'm worried what's going to happen when its the wanting eyes of 3 year old who really really needs a puppy... or... a 16 year old who really really needs a car! Good thing we don't have girls yet, Michael would really get suckered!


jayna said...

This is what Dads are for! Kids would be messed up if us mothers always had total control! :)

Ashley said...

hahah! That is the best story. I, however, am interested to know why you don't let me in on your little SLC trips! I am not to far... and i have yet to see this little guy of yours! Next time you come, you'd better call!! I want to see you!

Ashley said...

Oh... ps... lets really talk about this boutique thing! I love the idea!!