Sunday, April 13, 2008

Going Green

Don't get me wrong, by no means are we tree huggers. But, the more I educate myself on baby stuff the more disgusted I am that anything "convenient" for babies is not really "earth friendly."

So, I've been checking out different "earth friendly" diapers... well more earth friendly than what we've been using. When Kamren was still in newborn sized diapers I tried gDiapers and I'm not so sure I loved them because he couldn't wear them through the night. But I have since gotten the idea of using a normal disposable during the night and the gdiapers during the day. So we're going to give it another shot! I'll keep you all updated!

For now, I'm using Seventh Generation diapers and I am very very impressed. Kamren has turned out to be one of the messiest kids around (minimal one blowout per day, normally more like three per day and sometimes even more! How can something so little and, on the surface, so cute be so nasty?!) Anyway... these diapers have contained the majority of messes that would have otherwise been blowouts with Pampers, Huggies or Luvs and they're chlorine free (i.e nicer to the earth!)

If anyone is interested check them out at http://www.diapers.com/ (if you order $49 or more, which is so easy to do!, shipping is free) and if you enter JXBA6879 you get an extra $5.00 off your order!


jayna said...

Way to go Batty fam! I hope all the diapers you will save will make up for all the bad ones we will use! :)

The Batty Spot said...

I agree with Jayna. I hope the good you do balances out the bad we do!! Love you guys!

Let Them Be Little said...

Yes I plan on putting all the same links for the websites on the public blog, my plan is to pretty much do most posts twice one with pics and names and one without. I dont mind adding you to our safe list though if you are interested.