Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Parenting Mistakes for 4/8/08...

Mistake number #1: We chose not to buy a changing table. I remember doing this with the specific thought that it wasn't necessary. So instead we lay a blanket down on our bed to change Kamren, or the floor, or couch or where ever. (I've since changed my mind on having a changing table)

Mistake #2: Tonight while changing Kamren's diaper I undid his diaper and turned around to grab the wipes off the shelf. (Not even a full turn really, just a half turn where only one arm and my eyes are away from the baby. And, for only 1 second, I swear!) Upon returning to finish the job Kamren had kicked into the messy diaper. (yeah an extra mess to clean!!)

He's been doing this a lot lately. You'd think I'd learn my lesson. But, as we can all see... I haven't.

Mistake #3: While cleaning up his back I set the wipes I had used above his head, out of reach of course, on a clean wipe. These are the wipes that are used to finish the job after the diaper has been disposed of. Hence why they aren't disposed of with the dirty diaper (basically, don't ask why I do this). Anyway, as I rolled Kamren over to finish wiping his back he became closer to the wipes and grabbed them. Although, not the bad part... For all of you who have kids who at any point were teething you know what instantly happened next! (For those who don't, straight to his mouth!)

I screamed (out of shock), grabbed the wipes, and Kamren just sat there with a look on his face like "what's the problem?"


jayna said...

Ahh...the joys of parenting! We've all been there with this scenario! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, on the bright side at least it was his poop and not someone else's...right!

Jensen said...

This one does suck! Just wait until he poops or pees on you. It always happens when you are just doing a quick change before you leave and your running late :)This one will happen also, just wait! So when are you getting a changing table? Do they have one that matches the crib? I love the crib you picked out!

Let Them Be Little said...

Even with a changing table these things still happen!