Monday, December 10, 2007

The Mom Club

Wow, what an interesting first day back to church yesterday was! I have been "inactive" since the baby was born, not wanting to expose him to crowds, and yesterday I attended Sunday School and Relief Society while Michael and my little brother taught our primary class. In Relief Society it appears there is a "Mother's Club" (title of my own choosing of course). All the mom's with babies sit side by side on the same row and chat chat chat. Well, I did not sit on that row (since I have never talked to more than half of these women before) and about halfway through class Kamren decided he was hungry so we ventured into the Mothers' Room (not my own title). This is my first experience in the mother's room so I don't know if this experience was normal or not, but it's definitely blog material! Our chapel's mothers' room is nice (not that I have a comparable); it has a couple of rocking chairs and curtains to partition yourself off from other nursing mothers. Well, I happened to be the first mother in the room and sat in a chair and began to prepare myself to nurse. I should probably add that I'm also a first time nurser and don't own any of the nice convenient nursing garb such as nursing clothing, shields, etc. So, as I'm getting ready to nurse 5 other mothers and their youngsters come in to nurse as well, all pros I might add. And, there are not 6 chairs and partitions so mothers were sitting on the floor and the curtains became useless because of needing to share space. Mother talk commenced, as did talk of husbands who don't help with the babies or help and don't make par. I was definitely out of my comfort zone and probably had the deer in the headlights act going on. Long story even longer, they started to talk about the reasons they sit together and why they sit where they do and one of the mom's said to me "so you should come and sit by us..." So, I'm thinking that was some weird invitation to join their "Mother's club."

And, for the record, no husband talk on my end of the conversation because I am thoroughly convinced I couldn't have done the delivery or taken care of myself or Kamren without Michael! He has been wonderful, even given me lessons on how to take care of Kamren at times! I love him!


Ashley said...

haha... sounds like quiet the experience! I bet that was rather entertaining! It sounds as if you are starting to fit right into the "mothers club". :o) I can't wait to see your little bundle of joy.

Jayna & Family said...

Oh the joys of living in utah. I wish you luck with this elusive Mother's club! How is nursing working out? Hope all is well!

Amanda Lynne Galbraith said...

oh your little boy is so so so cute... so now that my friend left her boyfriend and is no longer in vernal i guess i will just have to plan a trip there just for you haha... and the new baby of course... haha well i hope you are loving every min of it... talk to ya later