Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Another Year

Well, just to let everyone know... Monday was my birthday, yes another year older. I feel the same... and since I don't really tell anyone my age, nothing has really changed. It was a good birthday though. I went to my sister-in-law's house for lunch and her adorable little two year old, Jacob, sang me happy birthday (although he said happy birthday to papa because that is who he originally learned the song for) However, still very cute and it made my day!


ape-o said...

You won't tell your age...your not THAT old! Wait until you blink and Kamren is 9 going on 16, like I'm going thru right now. My son was watching the whole bit on the news this morning about Brittney Spears' little sis who is pregnant and only 16 and he said "Isn't that illegal, having sex before your married?" So of course I said yes! Cherish every moment because they sure fly by!! Take Care!

Jayna & Family said...

Happy birthday Joslin! I DO know how old you are, but I'll keep it a secret. Sorry we were out of town so I missed it. Keep posting new baby pics- they change so quickly! Merry Christmas too!