Thursday, January 03, 2008

Reporting on Christmas...finally!

I guess now that Christmas is gone, I should post some photos of the Babe. So here it is. This is Kamren on Christmas with his little Santa hat and his 'jamies' that matched his cousins! (I'll post those pics later). My little brother, Uncle Ammon, is holding him and didn't want to be in the photo. Kamren, being all of 6 weeks old new nothing that was going on, yet I couldn't keep up with opening all of his many presents. The spoiling did not come from Michael and I. It came from the many baby love struck family members. (Thanks to all!)

Of note, Kamren received the cutest piggy bank I've ever seen, personalized with his name on it, a 529 account!!!, a truck book (which has entertained Michael more so far than Kamren) and of course his first Christmas ornament!


Jayna & Family said...

Oh my gosh- he's grown soo much in just 6 weeks! They always do, but it still surprises me. What a cute boy! Looks like he was appropriately spoiled!

Ashley said...

okay.. so he is AMAZING!!! He is the best kisser in the world... and I'm not even exagerating. No on the DTR... It is coming though! I can feel it! As far as the HYPOTHETICAL thing... yes and no. We've talked about kids, future careers, ex wives... etc. This could go somewhere. It totally feels "different". (Not that that is any indication, but it is incredible!!!)

Ashley said...

okay... so I think it is time to add some new pictures of that cute baby of your!!! I cxaxn't believe he is getting so big already! I Miss you!!! I really should visit (but that is going to wait until I can't see my breath when I go outside. It is cold enough here!) Haha.

Shaylee5 said...

awe you have the cutest little baby i have ever seen!! no lie im not kidding!!! i haven't seen you forever...likeyou cant recognize me i didn't really change alot!! haha love ya..and miss ya hopefully maybe i will see you soon!!!