Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Pick Me Up

I'm not sure if I'm just coming down off the high from being on vacation, if my medication has a depression side effect, or if I'm just being a bum, but I'm really struggling today to be grateful and happy. I feel so unproductive and unmotivated at work and thinking about the responsibilities I will inevitably face at home is only making it worse. So... as my one and only act of Valentine's celebration I've decided to come up with an I LOVE list to try an help me get out of this funk.
  • Kamren (obviously! 3 min. with this kid and you would too!)
  • Michael (because who can't love someone who has put up with me for almost 7 years!)
  • Great friends... ya know the kind, the ones that even though you never see them you don't skip a beat when one of you finally goes out of the way to visit or call
  • A good book! And, I mean the "can't put down, page turner kind"
  • Charity
  • A well prepared meal! I love food, I really do. My worst nightmare would be anorexia
  • Family
  • Primary kids
  • Traveling to new places
  • The sound of the ocean surf pounding against rocks
  • Kam's laugh
  • Family nights that consist of eating junk food for dinner with hot cocoa while watching a movie
  • Playing Games!!! -who wants to come over for some board games?
  • When out of the blue Kam professes his love for me, or for anyone really
  • The smell of babies
  • ... and, a merciful loving Father in Heaven


things we love... said...

Oh Jos.. you bring tears to my eyes!!! You are amazing, just purely amazing!!! And yes.. 3 mins or less with Kam and you fall in love! He is the cutest child!!!