Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Buyer's... what?

Me and the Kamster went to the BIG City yesterday and stopped in the smaller Big City on the way home, Park City anyone?

I went to the Dress Barn because I need to find a dress that is apple red and still at least slightly stylish for my sister-in-law's wedding. To my dismay there were NO red dresses of said color in the store, but many sweaters, skirts, and dress pants that looked much better on the mannequin than they did on me! I pretty much tried on everything in the store, just because the sales staff were SO nice! 

Actually, that doesn't even begin to describe it... seriously we (me and Kam) were on a first name basis with them within 5 min. of being in the store. Heidi (my personal sales assistant) had me a dressing room within seconds of picking my first item off the rack and I literally held no item in my hand longer than 10 seconds of pulling it off the rack... seriously, they were so prompt with  every item, so I just had to time them!

When I embarrassingly started choking on the air in my throat, a bottle of water suddenly appeared...

Heidi waited on me hand and foot; got new sizes for me, gingerly steered me out of the clothing that were obviously not my size, played with Kam, didn't get annoyed when he wanted to play in the jewelry, etc.

While trying on clothes, I knew I wasn't getting out of that store without buying something... anything... whether I liked it or not! They were just too nice!

I don't feel like I was locked inside and not allowed to leave without buying something, I just felt like I owed them... yep, like I owed THEM.

I don't have buyer's remorse because I LOVE the pants, skirt, AND sweater I left with... 

I just didn't need a skirt, pants OR sweater, ya know? It's not buyer's guilt, remorse, or even happiness. What is it that I'm feeling?

So, if you want to be waited on and treated like the Queen of England, hit the Dress Barn in Park City, but consider yourselves warned-DO NOT go in if you are not prepared to spend $$$


Joslin said...

From Jayna,

I believe the phrase you're searching for is...


I'm surprised you set yourself up for that one! :) But I love you. And so do the sales girls...

I am the 1st counselor. This is the second time I've been the 1st counselor. (me shaking fist "WHAT LESSON AM I SUPPOSED TO LEARN????") I have no ideas either. Sorry!