Friday, July 01, 2011

Trek... second attempt

well sort of.

I met up with the youth and staff on trek this week to do therapy with my clients on the mountain. There weren't any cliff hikes or repels planned for this trip and my plan was to go for only a day. Pretty chill, right?

In my sandals I went to get dropped off with the boys. On the way to meet up with the boys Lucas, the one person you shouldn't believe a word from, tells me if they get busy and are having fun they're going to leave me up there. Haha, I say. I have no camping gear, no shelter, and very little for the sake of staying warm. So, prior to them leaving I clarified with the Head Master, Tyler, that they would be coming back to get me... before dinner, right? 

Tyler promises me they will get me before dinner, I will sleep in the nice warm cabin, in a bed, they will be back before dusk, and will not eat dinner without me.

I see my first client, it starts raining.

I seem my next client, it's now hailing.

I see all my clients. By this time, I'm soaked, with mud caked up to my shins (thank heaven as I ran out the door I grabbed my tennis shoes and a pair of socks. Even though they're drenched and I can't feel my toes! But, better than relying on just my trusty sandals and bare feet!)

Hang out, 'cause I haven't been picked up yet.

They, kids and staff, have dinner.

We have group therapy, since it's not "dusk" yet.

Everyone heads to bed, I'm sure it's past "dusk", but there's a little sun left. The other therapist decides to come off the mountain with us that evening and she seems much more anxious they're not there yet than I am. But, it's the three musketeers we're talking about here, so I'm certain they're trying to worry me on purpose because I blatantly didn't believe Lucas's threat and they're trying to convince me he was serious.

Paul, trek lead and program director, stays awake with us for awhile until the sun is really disappearing fast when he says "well, I'm going to bed. If they're not here in an hour come and get me and we'll figure out some sleeping arrangements."

"What?" I'm drenched and can't feel my feet. So I say "don't you need to use the sat phone (as in satellite phone, because there is no cell service where we're at) to call and check in with base camp?" As I'm completely prepared for my only request when he says "no" to be a dry pair of socks.

Paul says no, because he seen them today so, no need. He's sure they're on their way.

I think we should call, what if something is wrong with them I say. Paul says they don't have service and so it wouldn't matter anyway. I assure Paul that yes, they do have service, because I used my phone at the cabin before coming up.

Paul gives in and calls. Sure enough, it's my luck, both roads to come and get me are washed out from all the rain! Great! 

My saving grace? This is a horse back trek and the plan is to ride out to meet them where the road has washed out. The only problem with this plan is that by now it's 09:00 pm, and already dark. It takes us an hour to saddle up the horses and take off in the pitch black night. And, we estimate it's going to take at least an hour to get to where the road is washed out.

I'll be honest here, horses aren't my first pick for mode of transportation. I used to ride in high school and loved it. But, in the last 10 years, I can only remember 1 time I've been on a horse and I was totally freaked out! I had my mom senses by then, so I knew I was going to be anxious to begin with, and then even more anxious because I've never ridden a horse in the middle of the night, pitch black, in the rain, in bear country.

I survived and actually felt like I missed riding by the time we were done.

The 3 Musketeers kept each detail of their promise though. So, at midnight, we ate steaks, potatoes, and asparagus. They cooked and prepared everything while me and the other therapist had a nice warm shower! and at 3:00 am I went to sleep, in the cabin, in a nice warm bed!

(The only residual effect is that my butt feels like I had a nice rough ride on a slipping and sliding horse after not having ridden one for 10 years!)

Good times on trek!


jayna said...

What an experience! You'll be glad you recorded this so you can look back and laugh! :)

RoseAnna said...

Wow Jos! Your life is so much more adventurous than mine...or anyone else I know for that matter :)Glad you made it home!

things we love... said...

Yeah you really do have a way more fascinating life than me... or many other people!!!!! PS Can I have Kameron????????? REally just think about it????? I miss you!!