Saturday, May 14, 2011


 Something unique about Vernal is the way Vernalians yard sale. I have not lived in a town where so many creatures, across neighborhoods and socioeconomic classes, seek out yard sales on the weekends. Many Vernalites I know hit every yard sale in town every weekend. I went along once, but couldn't really figure out what the attraction was. Until today, I had been a yard sale seeker on 1 occasion and "scored" nothing. 

However, determined to stock my play therapy office as quickly as possible (with as minimal dent to my savings as possible) I tried my luck again today. Here is what I scored:

And, try as I may, I couldn't even spend $20.

After seeing the droves of people stopping at each and every yard sale I very early on questioned previous decisions made to give away the majority of my Kam Man's baby stuff. Although... who would stop and buy stuff from a yard that looks like this?


suzanne said...

I LOVE YARD SALES!!! I am one of those that tries to hit them all. sometimes I get home and think, "total score!" and other times I think, "what the heck did I just spend money and time on this crap!?" I'll just have my own yard sale to get rid of it all.