Friday, April 22, 2011

It's been too long...

...since I've blogged.

So, for a quick update. I went on trek.... I should have discovered more of what that would mean before I actually did it!

Last week I carried a 40 lbs pack while tromping through the cliffs and peaks of Escalante, UT. Me (the therapist who needed my own therapist during the trek), the Program Director, and 8 boys in the program. I'm not 100% sure, but I think we went between 10-15 miles. I did not hike the last day because I started to have a fever, if I had the total would have been around 20 miles. The first day we hiked about 5 miles and then at the very end of the day climbed up a 1500 foot pass. Then we hiked back across the top of the peaks another day and repelled back down the cliffs on the other side the third day.

I'm hoping I will get copies of pictures soon to post... you really don't understand until you see it. It was a very untimely adventure and I'm still trying to regain my footing with everything that fell behind while I was gone.


jayna said...

Peaks? Rappelling? What the heck kind of trek did you go on??

But I still bet you felt an awesome sense of accomplisment!! Good for you!