Monday, April 04, 2011

All in a Normal Day

Okay, in a normal since my last post. I have:

Shopped for furniture to furnish my new office,

Put the furniture in said office (and I'm not talking about a room. It has a waiting/reception area, two offices, and a space which will be the play therapy room.

Made two dish cloths for my cousin who is getting married (don't worry, I'm sure she doesn't read this)

Attended General Primary Training (which I LOVED. Not because it was so spectacular and things I had never heard before, but because when you're in a room like that with so many spiritual people you can't help but absorb something! even if you are being a prude like I am!)

And, finished After by Amy Efaw. I loved this book, maybe because I've witnessed this process too closely for too long, but the ending couldn't have been better.

I still haven't regained any motivation for food prep, homework, exercise, or lots of other things, but I think this past week has been productive... maybe...

Can't wait to hit sunny St. George this weekend!


Ashley said...

Hate to burst the st. George bubble... its supposed to only be in the fifties and raining. Blah!!! Bring an umberella. They are still doing it outside.

jayna said...

Office? Are you going all counselor legit on me? Good for you!! Good luck friend!