Sunday, March 06, 2011

Nasty Little Criters!

And so have we!
It's awful!
Last night a skunk got into our crawl space, got into a fight with some other animal, and stunk up our entire house! It dug under our foundation to get into the crawl space... I didn't even know they could that. We left to stay at Michael's parents' house.

I am NOT looking forward to cleaning and washing everything!
On top of it all, I'm sick and got my Batty Babe sick too.

If anyone has any skunk remedies, please share!


Aaron and Elizabeth Jensen said...

Umm.... Good luck? We may not be visiting you while we are in Vernal.... At least not at your house.

jayna said...

Oh my goodness that is awful. I know. One got in our garage (thru cat door) and sprayed and it stunk for weeks. (The garage shared walls w/ the kitchen, fabulous.) The only remedy we found was to leave the house and stay at Grandparents for a few days while we left all the windows open. IT was bearable after that.

And nailed the cat door shut. :)

Sorry guys!

Anonymous said...

Woah, I don't know what to say other than open the windows and let it air out, may take a while, good excuse for a vacation maybe?
I have an extra scentsy burner if you want to use it?
Good Luck!
:)April 828-0020 (in case u hav deleted my #)lol