Monday, January 17, 2011

My Perfect World

While procrastinating my school reading today (what do you expect? It's 60 pages of boring reading only to write a 2 paragraph "thought" on it for homework... come on!) I stumbled upon this blog post. I laughed out loud to myself on multiple occasions while reading it. And, while my blog is not "popular" or a "money maker" I do fall into the category of Mormon Mommy Blogger.
So, just to clear the air:

  • This is the state of "chaos" my "perfect" home is in today (I don't even DARE show you my kitchen).
  • My "crafting skills" would make Martha Steward claw her own eyes out, and
  • My 3-yr old son is downstairs streaming Thomas the Train from Netflix because I'm doing my homework, remember.


Aaron and Elizabeth Jensen said...

Well, after those super cute pictures you did for Christmas you can't say you don't have some 'crafty' side. But thanks for sharing the link. I really liked it.

scuz said...

I Love your life, its so much like mine. instead of homework, i ALWAYS do fb and blogs....or anything that is WAY more important than reading 60 boring pages.

jayna said...

That article was awesome- thanks for sharing! I might repost it sometime!