Friday, April 30, 2010

Birds of a Feather....

Last weekend we exhausted the day at the Hogle Zoo with our good friends the Blanchard's.

Kamren has only been to the zoo on one other occasion and really only paid any attention to the back of his eyelids.

As some you may know from this post we call Kamren our Monkey and true to his name while visiting the Gorilla habitat Kamren tried to climb in over the fence.

This visit was definitely time well spent and even though Kamren should have been seeing a little more of the back of his eyelids (he missed his nap) he loved ALL the animals, couldn't get enough and even touched a snake! No worries, it was just a python and Michael only tried to wrap it around his neck! (j/k, Kamren only TOUCHED it!)

Truth be told Kamren tried to climb many of the fences at the Zoo!


RoseAnna said...

How cute! Good thing he didn't get over any of the fences...they might have kept him!

Adri and Cory said...

The zoo is always such a fun place to take the kids...especially when they are old enough to appreciate the animals! My kids would never even think about looking at a snake let alone touching one. They are such wimps. What a brave little guy.

jayna said...

I can't believe how much your little monkey has grown up! Has it really been so long since you guys visited??!