Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How 1 second Changes a Day

My morning:

6:30am- wake up, start getting ready

6:45am- go to Kamren's room to see why he's crying. Change his diaper because its wet and he won't go back to bed until its changed (let's NOT talk about potty training!)

6:50ish- put Kam back to bed and continue getting ready

7:07am- Kayden wakes up, I put him on the potty

7:09am- Kiera wakes up. I instruct her to go back to her room and find something to wear.

7:14am- Kamren starts crying, he's wants out of his room, I get Kayden off the potty, take him to his room and give him a pull up and instruct him to start getting dressed.

7:16:02am- I walk to Kamren's room to let him out

7:16:05am- I open the door

7:16:06am- I take a step... something is on the carpet... and now its on my foot!

7:16:07am- I see Kamren has his diaper off... its poopy... its all over the carpet... its all over him... its on the wall (because he turned the light on)... its on the door (from pounding on it to get out, of course!)

Can a day get any worse after this?

After note, Kamren got the pleasure of cleaning it up himself! And, the look he gave me was priceless!

Thanks Roseanna for letting me borrow your Spot-bot! That thing is amazing! (I was so impressed I used it on other areas in my house... just to see how good it really is. I just might have to get myself one of those.)


Nicole said...

That totally sucks! It happens to the best of us. Poop is so gross to clean up. Good luck with potty training. Oh, I will email or text you with the book that Tyce's loves about potty-ing!

RoseAnna said...

I felt really bad laughing at that. Sorry.