Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Family Fun!

Look What We Won!

A man's and woman's bike! They are Raleigh Detours!

No lie! Michael and I attended my company employee appreciation night

last night and came home with these!

I can just picture us now, riding down the road, having a deep conversation,
falling in love all over again, hair blowing in the breeze,
with the sun shimmering over head,
listening to the sweet sound of Kamren screaming in the
bike trailer (because he can't ride the bike)....

Just kidding, I'm so excited! I've wanted bikes since before we were married!

Kamren loves them already too. He likes to sit on the seat and and be pushed around.

Now we just need:
a bike trailer
a helmet for Kamren
bike locks
bike rack for the car...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank You to J&R Cyclery in Craig, CO!

This is the company that donated the bikes and the helmets.
J&R Cyclery
530 Russell St.
Craig, CO 81625
(970) 824-9574

Best bike shop around!


Jensen said...

You guys always win cool things, Congrats!!! I want bikes also, maybe someday :)