Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Crazy Eights!

Eight Things I Look Forward To:
1. Finish remodeling my house! (will this ever REALLY be done?)
2. Hugging my little man when I get home
3. Growing with Michael (not growing old! Just growing with Michael)
4. The day my life slows down
5. Lazy days
6. Helping other (really, I love this)
7. Finishing my Master's
8. Spending time with my family

Eight Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Went to court in Monticello
2. Spent over 10 hours in the car (this is going to be hard because of this)
3. Ate an excellent BLT in Monticello
4. Ate ice cream from Wake 'n Bake in Moab (seriously the best ice cream EVER! It makes the drive completely worth it!...maybe)
5. Wrote a letter on my laptop in the car
6. Stopped for gas in Price
7. Drove through Wellington twice (Candee, I thought of you both times)
8. Came home after Kamren was already in bed

Eight Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Play the piano well (well is the keyword here)
2. Be on vacation EVERY day
3. Make millions!
4. Save a life (or the world, whatever...)
5. Paint (Art, not walls)
6. Be at home with Kamren
7. Learn to live in the moment
8. Write a book

Eight People I tag: 1.Nichole J. 2.Rachel 3.Adri 4.Breezee 5.Ivy 6.Katie 7.Tiffany 8.Roseanna


jayna said...

You are one of the busiest people ever...hope your lazy days come to pass!

And if you ever learn how to paint art, let me know the secret...I stink!

Candace said...

I drove through Vernal the other day and thought of you!!! :) We need to make trips to each others town to actually see each other not just think of each other! Kenzie and I have been talking about getting all the girls from school together for a lunch or dinner this summer. When would be good for you? And where would be a good place to meet? I really would love to see you and everyone else. It has been way to long! Thanks for thinking of me! ;) Let me know about a get together.