Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Beethoven

Kamren just LOVES anything to do with


At 6 months old he would jabber with the radio in the car

like he was singing.

He dances EVERYTIME he hears music playing.

Holds the hym book in church and pretends to sing along.

He plays (pretends to play) Rock Band; drums, guitar and microphone.

He DJ's the stereo in our front room (with parental supervision)

He has a toy Guitar, Piano, drums.... you name it.

And now, he plays the piano!

I just think this is WAY too CUTE!

Oh, and Michael reminded me, when I was pregnant with Kamren,

Just a couple of weeks before he was born, Michael and I were

Watching a movie and the end credits started to play

to "Eye of the Tiger" and Kamren went crazy
In my belly. We turned the TV off and he stopped moving altogether.
So, we turned the credits back on and he
Started moving around like crazy again.
He's such a music lover!


Beau, Mel, Laila and Cain!!!! said...

Okay that is soooo cute! That makes me laugh that he totally is rocking out with the mic!! He is so cute!!!!

RoseAnna said...

That is so cute. He loves it when we sing and dance at our house. What a cute little boy!

ehs2000 said...

Jos... hey can we add you to our ehs blog???? Please let me know. We are not just adding people only because you get it, but I really want to add you if you don't mind!!! Love you! PS It's mel, but I am logged in under the ehs blog!!!

jayna said...

Develop that talent!

The Petersen's said...

He is so cute. That is too funny about the pregnancy thing, they say that they can hear music well then. I love the piano picture, I took one of Tyce that is so similiar about 2 weeks ago, it made me laugh to see how much they act alike.

Tiffany said...

He is such a QT!

Shaylee5 said...

gosh he is absolutely ADORABLE!!! i NEED to see him..!!! i LOVE YOU!!!