Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.....

As Many Of You Know..... I Am A Member Of Our Local Friends Board.

(The Friend's Board is a non-profit organization set up to raise funds for the Children's Justice Center (CJC), a place where abused and neglected children go to be interviewed by investigating agencies to reduce the likelihood of being "re-victimized" by the legal process and the CJC supports a Child Abuse Task Force established to help stop and prevent child abuse.)

Any way..... We Decorated Two Trees And Entered Them In The Local Trees For Charity, Where the Trees Are Auctioned Off To Raise Money For Charities.

This First Tree We Called "Protect And Serve" Dedicated To Our Local Law Enforcement Agencies. This Tree Sold For $1350.00!

Our Second Tree We Called "Movie Lovers' Dream"

And It Sold For $2100.00!

I Love This Tree! We Hung Real Candy And Real (blank) DVD's To This Tree. And, The Garland Is Real Movie Real, Donated By Vernal Cinemas. (I heard it was donated to a local elementary school after being purchased, I wonder how much trouble they had keeping the kids out of the candy!)

Any Way, I Don't Have My Own Tree Up Yet, So Can It Just Count That I've Already Decorated Two?
It Really Was So Much Fun, I'm Sure We'll Do It Again Next Year.
And On A Bright Note..... We've Been Approved To Build A New CJC Center! The Existing One Is In Such Rough Shape It Will Likely Just Be Torn Down. So, Raising Money For The New Building Has Been A Goal Of Ours For About Two Years Now And We've Made It.
(I have to say, it feels SO good to be in on something SO great!)


jayna said...

Wow- those were awesome! You are such a great little fundraiser!!

Also, glad that you liked the books, although I caution you to avoid the 4th one...it's dumbness almost overshadows the greatness of the first one. Beware.


The Bunnell's said...

Jos way to go! The tree's look great, you did an awesome job and raised alot of money!

Jensen said...

Wow!! That is so crazy they sold for that much, but AWESOME for for the fundraiser! I love the trees, you did a great job on decorating them. I also need to mention that my tree needs a makeover so whenever you ready I need some ideas.

RoseAnna said...

What cute ideas. I love the movie one. How unique and very cute! I love them. It makes my tree feel very empty and sad. Congrats on the high prices they were bought for. Thats great. Oh...Happy Birthday by the way!

Behling Family said...

I always feel so guilty when I read stuff that you do on your blog. You are such a great selfless person. Your awesome. Those trees are beautiful. I love the movie one. I personally would be into the snacks.