Thursday, October 02, 2008

Staying Busy, Busy, Busy

So... last Saturday we went to the Zoo. Kamren slept and pretty much laid out in the stroller the whole time. We went with the majority of my family and it was fun and a nice family get away. (No pictures, sorry. We took the camera but didn't check the batteries)

This week is also the Children's Justice Center Benefit Golf Scramble. Which I'm organizing, well... helping anyway. But trust me, its alot of time!

And, to top it all off. The Utah State Legislature just approved a $350 million budget cut (don't quote my numbers) but that mean they are closing the Early Intervention program in my building! That means 10 full time employees! And, this has is just.... aghhhh!


The Batty Spot said...

Hey!! Sounds like you had a good weekend. What does the budget cut do to your job? Anything? I hope not.

The Justice Family said...

Awwww Jos. I miss you! You look great! You look the same but great! I can't believe you have a baby! I still think of you as like 19 going on 40.

cottam_family said...

Sounds like you are way busy. That sucks about your job.

Behling Family said...

Sounds like life just gets crazier and crazier. Sounds like you guys are doing ok though. You need to post some more pictures of Kamren.They grow up so fast.