Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend Getaway

I went away to for the weekend this last week alone... well without Kamren and Michael. It was definitely bitter sweet.

The sweet, I went to the scrapbook expo in Salt Lake. I went with Jessica and had so much fun! We went out out Thursday night, stayed the night and went to the expo all day Friday (until midnight) and all day Saturday and then came home Saturday night. I spent way way way too much money, but got alot done.

The bitter, Kamren walked while I was gone! He took 8 steps for Roseanna on Friday, while she was babysitting, and 6 steps for Michael that night. Kamren still hasn't recreated that event so I'm kind of sad. And, he got two more teeth on their way. One through and one peeking up and down.


jayna said...

Isn't that just a mother's luck?! Sorry friend. The good news is,,,he'll do it again! :) I'm glad you got away for a little R&R!

The Wright Family said...

You sound a little too domesticated for the likes of me...scrapbooking for two days...(WOW)
So, how are you? Did you quit? Whats up?
My number has changed 801-965-9015

cottam_family said...

It's always so nice to have a girls day once in a while! Makes us better mom's I think. Congrats on the walking. Dont' worry he will do it again!

Tiffany said...

That is great that you were able to have such a fun weekend. You deserve it. You work so hard and do so much. It is hard to miss those special moments, but they keep growing and you will get to see many, many more. Give Kamren hugs and kisses from us. We love you guys.

Tiff, Bray, and Trax