Monday, September 08, 2008

What happens when the Dad puts the little boy to bed...

(I know these pictures are horrible, but I had to post them)

I had homework to do tonight so Michael bathed Kamren and put him to bed. This is what I found an hour later when I realized Michael never came out of Kamren's room.

And, here's my tip for the day. Don't know why I decided to share or take pictures of my lettuce. Probably because I was thinking about blogging while I was putting the lettuce in the fridge. So here it is:

The best way to keep lettuce fresh. I know you won't take my word for it, so I guess you'll just have to try it.

Step 1: Put your lettuce in a bowl

Step 2: Put a paper towel over it. (I use two, for extra crispyness)

Step 3: Put the lid on. Step 4: Put it in the fridge UPSIDE DOWN.

The upside down part is really the trick. Seriously, my lettuce will keep for over a month like this. And, that's just not a lettuce thing to do. I learned this trick from the Drechsel's (some friends of ours) a couple of years ago and I've used it ever since.

Sheesh! I just thought I'd let you in on a little secret, so QUIT JUDGING ME!

(I'm not weird, I promise!)


Just Batty said...

Sorry everyone! The pictures looked better on my laptop when they posted them.

Dustin and Katie said...

Yeah, I can't even tell what they are doing... did they just fall asleep together? And, I tried your lettuce trick, it doesn't work for us! maybe we have the wrong type of bowl??? oh, and I like you new background!

jayna said...

I promise that you ARE weird, which is why we're friends. And that is cute about your boys- it is a right of Fatherhood, one that Tyler relishes, falling asleep on the girls' floor with a stuffed cat as a pillow.

I will try that lettuce trick. I do the paper towel in a freezer bag, and it works well too.

Just Batty said...

No special bowl required for the lettuce. But, it has to be upside down and not packed to full (you know, for breathing room).

For those of you who can't see the pictures. Michael fell asleep next to Kamren on the floor of his room using a big weird stuffed cow for a pillow. Michael said Kamren had to be close enough he could reach and touch Michael, but didn't want Michael touching him.

cottam_family said...

Thanks a ton for the lettuce tip..really! I get so mad cause I buy the stuff but can never use it more than once unless I have it for all three and a half meals that day! Can't wait to try it!

cottam_family said...

P.S. Thanks for the visuals too! Some of us need that help, and when I say us I mean me!