Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Heavens Opened

The angels sang and smiled down on our house Friday. I've been meaning to post pictures of this since then, but I guess I've just been a slacker and just took pictures today.

So, here is my Kamren's long awaited room!!

Yes, yes, I know. He is just a week shy of being 10 months old and is barely getting his own room, but better late than never!

And, as tough as I thought it was going to be to move Kamren's crib out of our room and for as sure as I was that I wasn't going to sleep at all that first night he was gone.... we both slept great! The entire night! Which I think is both mine and Kamren's first full nights rest since bringing him home from the hospital! Hallelujah!


Jensen said...

Love It!! I think the room turned out great. The next time we go to your house nothing is going to look the same!

jayna said...

His room is so cute. Love the paint! ANyways, love/hate the background...let me know.

Dustin and Katie said...

Looks good! The carpet is pink though???!!!?? Congrats on finally sleeping the whole night! lol ;-)I like the new blog background too!

cottam_family said...

It is so cute! Did you paint that yourself? Nice work. I wish we were in a place that we could paint. I really really like the stripes, and also the green!

Just Batty said...

The Carpet is browm/tan. Technically its cookies & cream. We did do all of the work ourselves. Taking our whole house into consideration, its been SO much work, but definitely worth it. We LOVE every room we've remodeled so far and are just saving for the next project!

The Batty Spot said...

Hey I love the new background and I love Kam's room!! It looks so great!! I'll have to come over sometime and see all the new things. It's been a while. Let me know when you'll be around so I can come over!!