Thursday, June 26, 2008

What kamren Costs $$

I did this baby calculator thing at BabyCenter.com


And, Kamren's first year of expenses comes to a total of $8,845!!! For just his first year! And I got to uncheck some of the items because I got them as gifts for my shower (i.e. crib-thanks Mom; a rocker-thanks Joe & Dianne; nail clippers, baby lotion, shampoo, etc., thanks Jared & Nichole; a diaper bag-thanks Ashley, Judy & Alisha; a $300 electric breast pump-thanks to my great insurance; nursery bedding-thanks Dad and Margo and our hospital bill easily doubled that number; thanks again, great insurance--This list could obviously be endless!!)

Anyway, the point is I think I'm getting off pretty good and his total is still $8,845 multiply that by 18 years... $159,210 (That's not counting t-ball, weddings, class rings or any of that stuff)

All I have to say:

He's SO worth EVERY penny


Amanda Lynne Galbraith said...

So i am pretty sure you are due for a post... i am going through joslin withdrawals i have to know what you are up too... haha jk

K talk to ya later

Katie said...

Hey, that's exactly what I was going to say.. you are WAY past due for a post! Where's my baby? ttyl

Ashley said...

Hey Jos... I just updated my blog... maybe you should do yours! :) I miss you! So... if you still have that single brother in law... I'm game! Haha Talk to you soon! Miss ya